Slightly Social is a mobile gaming company located in Canada. We have been developing lots of fun games for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry in the past couple of years. We’d like to take this opportunity to spread the company love and thank a couple of the talented artists we currently have on staff.

Take a look below at some of the work that our talented staff has contributed to the success of Slightly Social in the past year:

All audio tracks by:

~Duncan Scott | Gray Aletter – Audio Engineers


Boss Battle Sequence


Canadian themed FB game


Coin Dozer Menu music Relaxation Meditation Style


Fairy Tale Runner


Kung Fu Cookie – East Asian Ehtnic Style


Kung Fu Cookie In Game


Mars Rush


Mech In Time


Promotional Video BG Music


Raptor Race


Road Trip Dub Step


Road Trip Electro


Road Trip Rock


Robot Goat Ninja 1


Robot Goat Ninja 2 8bit


Slightly Social Jingle


Temple Rush – Indian Ethnic


Toon Bowling