Robot Goat Attack

Robot Goat Attack

Robot Goat Attack MainBest Running Ninja Exploding Goat Game EVAR!

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Do you like ninjas? How about screaming goats?

If so, you will like Robot Goat Attack (With Running Ninjas) because, for the first time ever, an endless runner has been created that merges those 2 nouns. This epic Goat Ninja battle through feudal Japan will test your strength, your willingness and your determination.

Take the role of a goat-riding ninja and embark on this masterful adventure through a world filled with evil armored goats, Shinobi Ninja’s and other baddies. Gain experience and currency as you slay enemies with your sword and skills.

Collect coins and use them to purchase power ups that will help you throughout levels.

Robot Goat Attack


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