Mech In Time

Mech In Time

Mech in TimYou’re a Goblin-Slaying Mech Warrior sent back in time to get revenge on the goblins that killed your Mech mother.

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It’s up to you to traverse the fourth dimension, guns blazing though obstacles, tearing your way through vicious enemies to avenge the motherboard whose nuts and bolts run through your mainframe.

Mech in Time 2You fight your way through levels, collecting weapon upgrades, armor and speed. Harder, better, faster, stronger is your mantra.

You are a Mech In Time and it’s time to show those goblins you’ve got some heavy mettle.



-It’s free!
-Fast paced, non-stop action!
-Earn Real Prizes with P4RC Rewards!
-Beautiful, engaging soundtrack and sound design
-Fly through levels with a jet pack!
-Highly original, futuristic concept
-Many missions to accomplish!
-Collect gems for upgrades to improve your mech!
-Content upgrades to come!
-Challenging speed fluctuations!
-Game center and leader-board challenges

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