A Candy Jump Kingdom the Latest iPhone Game Release by Slightly Social

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013

A Candy Jump Kingdom the Latest iPhone Game Release by Slightly Social

A Candy Jump Kingdom is the latest iPhone Game release by Canadian Mobile Game Developer Slightly Social and their partner MediaSoft. It promises to give even the oldest game lovers a candy crush! Eat your way thru the colorful candy kingdom along with cool ice cream pal Toothie! Devour this cavity crushing candy app at no cost on iTunes courtesy of Slightly Social /MediaSoft Mobile Game Development Partnership.

Kids and adults alike love anything to do with candy, ice cream, and particularly anything sweet. Slightly Social and MediaSoft are looking at how to make games fun for all ages and this is a great testing grounds here in Canada, where everyone old and young alike seem to love their sweet treats.

We are actually throwing caution to the wind on this latest iPhone app release; A Candy Jump Kingdom (Ice Cream Cavity Crush). “Brushing your teeth and eating candy? How can that be fun”, says the Canadian Mobile App Developer and CEO Brad Mills. We are looking at the concept of injecting a game character (Toothie) as a positive healthy role model to teach new generations of young gamers that it can be fun to, pardon the pun, have your cake and eat it too. The lesson is simple, eating candy and ice cream is an enjoyable part of life, but remembering to brush afterwards, can pay dividends.

We’ve taken the concept a bit further by making Toothie cool by giving him a cape. So he would be similar to a crime fighter, only in this case he is a cavity fighter. Throw in a bit of candy and chocolate for good measure and you have an adventure thru the cavity laden Ice Cream Kingdom that we hope sister and brother & mom and dad alike will all enjoy.

Follow Toothie as he cascades cautiously up a colourful pathway to overpower and crush careless cavities along the way. The game controls are simple to use, and the more toothpaste you use, the higher you go to defeat the gross cavities. Collecting sweets and eating candy, chocolate and ice cream is fun in the real world, but the same goes here. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards!

Once again, following our free iPhone game download model that we established in 2013, Slightly Social hopes to leave gamers all ages smiling from ear to ear as they reach great heights playing “A Candy Jump Kingdom”.

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