Free iPhone Game Company Slightly Social Releases Steampunk Death Race

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013

Free iPhone Game Company Slightly Social Releases Steampunk Death Race

After completing some 2000 man hours in their spare time creating this highly addictive iPhone game, Slightly Social has partnered with The Amazing Mitchell Brothers to announce the successful release of Steampunk Death Race. The buzz on the street is that this post apocalyptic game may be one of the best new releases of 2013 and gaming fans are lining up to take a crack at this gem.

Reminiscent of old school console games like Rock n Roll Racing, the finished product with steam-powered weaponry in a war-torn landscape is exactly what The Mitchell Brothers set out to accomplish – adrenaline pumping, hover-car combat racing at its finest!

Will your heart skip a beat? Absolutely! Will there be action-packed guns and explosions? You bet your grandmas best biscuit recipe!  What is a Steampunk? Well, to answer honestly, it is a phrase coined describing the hover car racers themselves where the main concept is that it puts the racer(steam-punk) behind the wheel of a hover car in life or death race to the finish, with the world as our death defying playground.

A very simple concept and fun to play, Steampunk Death Race free at the App Store setups out to accomplish one main goal; outmaneuver and fire on other death race opponents with machine guns, plant land mines to gain the upper hand, and turbo boost your way thru an urban industrial landscape to claim victory. There is no society or rules and survival is the key component in this steam-powered death race!

The controls are simple to operate with left and right buttons for turning and the only other thing the user has to focus on is munitions and staying on a course that comes complete with 9 detailed tracks. Fixed or following camera options are available giving the racer full peripheral view of other racers on the track. You will no doubt take a beating after a few races so claim your winning cash and roll into the shop to make repairs, get new armor, or upgrade your death racer.

Slightly Social, an independent gaming startup company based in Canada, is very pleased to announce that you can get Steampunk Death Race as a free iPhone download exclusively from the iPhone App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. is quickly becoming recognized as one of  Canada’s top gaming companyies, main CEO and founder of Slightly Social, Brad Mills concludes. “We are proud of the fact that gamers from all over the world are discovering how addictive and fun our games are to play. We enjoy making new mobile games of all kinds for our avid gaming fans. Basically, we started out as an Indie game developer in 2009 and after some trial and error in the beginning; we have now put together a crackerjack team of mobile gaming programmers and look forward to much success in 2013”. To stay up-to-date with new Slightly Social Game Releases visit or Like us on facebook.

Most iPhone and iPad users will be able to download and play this game without any trouble. There are very few advertisements and has been positively reviewed by several app review companies so head over here to check out the games description:

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