Slightly Social, Inc Gaming Company Based in London, Ontario, is Hiring

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010

Slightly Social, Inc Gaming Company Based in London, Ontario, is Hiring

Are you interested in developing casual games on Facebook that all your friends will play?

Are you passionate about building fun features on sweet flash games?

Do you know what ‘all ur base r belong to us’ means?

Slightly Social is accepting guild applications.

Help, FAQ & Wiki


1) What class does the guild need?

We need more Talented Programmers with high Intelligence & Charisma attributes. (Dexterity & Strength not required.)

2) What race do you need?

The preferred character for this First Person position is Human with the ability Natural Coding.

3) Is there a skill tree I should be specialized in?

Not exactly.  Any Guild applicants who can quicly level up their New Language skills will have the best chance of being approved. You must have a desire to spend the majority of your skillpoints in actionscript 3.0.

4) Are you guys hardcore?

The hours are flexible, but you will be gold farming full time.  Since we’re a new Guild trying to Pwn the Marketplace, we’re not looking for someone who’s AFK a lot.

5) What kind of connection do I need?

We have guildmates in Asia, Europe & North America – so if you don’t live near London, Ontario, you must be able to work in a multiplayer environment over a LAN connection.

6) So what do I get if I’m accepted?

-New Recruits will earn competitive guild pay, depending on what Level you are.

-When you earn enough XP, you will be upgraded with health benefits.

-Applicants who have maxed the AS3 skill will unlock a bi-monthly currency bonus.

Walkthrough of Common Missions that you will be grinding to earn credits


* Craft casual/social games using Flash and the Facebook API.

* Craft frontend web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

* Squad up with Writers & Designers to tank code while you receive content & art buffs.

* Group with Backend Coders to defeat scaling monsters & defend the flag from players using exploits.

* Spy on player behavior with backend data stat tracking & report findings back to home base.

Mission Skill Requirements


* PHP (if you have Python or PERL we can upgrade you to PHP)

* MySQL (at least some xp in SQL)

* Web Technologies (XHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS)

* Actionscript 3.0 (if you have Java or C++ we can upgrade you to AS3)

How To Apply


You don’t need to be max level to apply, but applicants with XP from another guild or a B.S./M.S. in Computer Science will receive priority.

1) Send a tell to letting us know you’re interested in joining.

2) Include anything you’ve crafted for another clan, or something you’ve crafted while playing solo.

General Requirements


Humans only.

No n00bs.

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