Lightspeed Getaway App Store Optimization Experiments

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012

Lightspeed Getaway App Store Optimization Experiments

I’m Brad Mills, I raised $4400 on AppBackr to launch an indie iOS game, Lightspeed Getaway. The game is live as of August 2012, yay! Unfortunately the launch week left a lot to be desired in terms of user downloads, even after a promotion, which I was super disappointed with:

But fear not, I’m sending an update into the appstore this week!

Watch this video, it’s only a couple of minutes and it tells you what is happening with Lightspeed Getaway during the first week after launch, why it possible didn’t do so well, and what we are doing to make sure the game has the best shot at success!


Not mentioned in the video are the App Store Optimization experiments we will be doing with the game!

  • The first update will see a new App Icon
  • We will focus on new keywords.
  • We will be able to buy about 30,000 users through Tapjoy and Revmob advertising, to help us boost up the ranks.

With apps, the secret is ranking high for well-searched keywords to get free and natural organic downloads to put you higher in the charts.

As you rank higher in the charts, you get more and more natural downloads. The keywords we tried to rank for on V1 launch didn’t bring us much more traffic, so we are shifting focus to new keywords by:

  1. Changing the App Name
  2. Changing the App’s Keywords in Itunes Connect.
  3. Changing the App’s Description.

As I mentioned before, we will be adding a new app Icon, here’s a look at the old one vs the new one.

Keep following along for these experiments, and I’ll report back on the success or failure of the experiments that we’ll be performing on our games.


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